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Lost. Chapter 1 || Jacksgap Fanfiction

Chapter 1


As Jack’s eyes slowly crept open, he realized he couldn’t move his body. His pupils shot quickly around the room, trying to make out the fuzzy surroundings. When things began to get clearer, he could make out a figure sitting in a big comfy chair, their nose buried in a book. Soon enough, Jack could make out her entire face. She was just sitting there, her curly, brown hair falling a few inches below her shoulders. Her stunning hazel eyes drifting from page to page, absorbing every word she read. And her full pink lips. The curves occasionally turning up, probably the cause of the line she was reading. 

Jack lay there, motionless on an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room. Just starring at an unfamiliar girl. Yet something about her, seemed so strangely familiar. 

A good ten minutes had passed until the unknown girl’s eyes finally drifted up, meeting Jack’s.

She stood up slowly, gently placing her book on the dresser next to her. Jack watched her every move as she rhythmically glided towards him. He noticed her baggy sweats, worn tee shirt, and maroon beanie. 

Jack was the kind of person that could read someone in an instant, but she was different. He had no idea what her story was, and for some reason he desperately wanted to find out.

As she began to hover over him, a slight smile on her lips, Jack wanted to sit up and bring his eyes to her level. But something inside him told him to stay down. And that’s exactly what he did.

"Hey, sleepyhead." She spoke softly, soothing Jack’s ears. His eyebrows raised ever so slightly as he heard her American accent. He glanced towards the window and noticed there was no snow outside. And last time he checked, London was a white sheet.

He had no idea how to respond to her greeting. He had no idea where he was, what time it was, and who the mysterious girl in front of him was. 

"Want some tea?" She smiled a bit larger this time, showing off the trace of what once were full, deep dimples.

"Sure." Jack replied with a touch of rasp in his voice. He winced faintly, feeling a bit of pain in his throat with every word he spoke. And tea was the perfect solution for this.

The unknown girl left the room for a quick moment, leaving Jack alone with his jumbled thoughts.

He sat up slowly, looking down at his clothing. He was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a massive rip near the knee, an extremely dirty grey short sleeved shirt, and a pair of navy socks with a hoe in them, showing his pinky toe.

When he tried to put his feet on the ground, he felt a sharp, intense pain in his left ankle, causing him to reach his hand down to feel it. Whenever he tried to put any kind of pressure on it, he winced. 

As his mind drifted from thought to thought, he felt like he couldn’t focus on one, most likely a cause of his mild ADHD.

Where am I?

Who is she?

How did I get here?

Do I know her?

Something told him not to panic. Something deep inside told him everything was going to be okay. And plus, he kind of liked it here. Although the situation Jack was in would usually make him freak out, there was something about.. her. Something about her that erased every ounce of worry in him, and made him feel like it was just another normal day.

Before his thoughts could continue, she strolled back into the room, this time carrying two piping hot cups of tea.

"Drink up." She offered one of the two cups to Jack, and he accepted it, closing his eyes and letting the hot liquid run through him.

And with that, the girl sat back down, picking up her book like nothing was going on. She took slow sips, her beautiful, bright eyes scanning through pages once more.

"Can I ask you a question?" Jack spoke quickly, breaking the silence from their ears.

"Sure." The girl put down her book again, grasping her tea with two hands and snuggling up into the comfy, brown chair.

"Who are you?"

"I never did tell you my name, did I?" She giggled quietly, running a hand through her chocolate hair.

Jack simply shook his head, signaling no.

"I’m Aria Cooper. It’s nice to meet you, Jack." She stressed the word Jack, causing his brows to come together in confusion.

"How do you know my name?" Jack asked slowly, his eyes narrowing.

"You told me, silly."

"And where am I?" Jack fired off another question, this time without hesitation.

"Just outside Burlington. Vermont."

At her answer, Jack’s eyes widened as he nearly choked on his tea.

"I’m from London.. I live in London.. How the.. How the hell did I get here in Vermont? And with you?" Jack’s jaw dropped slightly as worry finally began to take over his mind. Although Aria made him feel a bit more at ease, he couldn’t help but wonder how.

"It’s a bit of a long story. A long, weird story."

(( A/N: okay hi guys i guess i’m starting a fic lol if you have read this wow thank you so much and all comments and feedback and questions and suggestions are EXTREAMLY appreciated! idk if i should continue or if anyone’s reading so yeah. just like this post if you liked it or msg me. yepp haha and aria is portrayed by lucy hale and the gif at the top is her in her beanie weee ok that’s it i love you bye ))

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